Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Blog Entry!

Hi All,
My life has gotten so full in the last year, I've met amazing people, climbed mountains and run hundreds of miles...it didn't seem fair to keep all this to myself so I'm sharing, just in case you wanted to share with me!

It's hard to know where to begin this internet stroll down memory lane. But I guess I would have to start with running, my life changes began with running.

January 2007, I was faced with a birthday. You know, one of those MILESTONE birthdays. I was in terrible physical shape. We live on a small hill in a city with alot of hills. Every July 4th we'd walk down the hill to watch the fireworks over the lake, then hike up the hill to home. The quarter mile hike up the hill took forever and left me breathless. So, in January with that birthday looking me straight in the eye I started running. I bought a pair of running shoes and DROVE to the lake that was a quarter mile away and ran...for 2 min...thinking I was gonna pass out right there, I stopped, walked 15 min to catch my breath and continued this until I got around the lake, 1.8 miles.

1 year, 9 months later I've completed about 10 5K's, 3 10K's, 1 half marathon and 1 marathon. Mixed into these traditional runs were 2, 5 mile Watermelon runs(really quite nice) and a 5 mile trail run.

Now with my story on board, my next posts will be about what's been going on the last few months...but gotta run along now...Long beach Half Marathon is Oct. 12!