Friday, February 19, 2010

A Year of Trail Running

2009 was an amazing year for me.  I'd met goals that 5 years ago I'd never thought possible. 
A year ago I ran my first trail race, that was Baz's WTRS 12K.  From there, the rest of the series and onward to my first "ultra".  I'd posted a picture of me at 26.5 miles, officially over the marathon distance, and into the ultra realm. 
Now, a year later, where am I in my running?  Well, kinda starting over!  I ran the 12K again, but skipped the middle runs.  But I am back to run the 21K.  I reread my post from last year, how I was worried about the challenge of climbing West Horsethief....This year the challenge is the miles.  My running mileage has been less than optimal for the start of the ultra season.  Too much work!  Trying to squeeze in 52 miles in my birthday week took so much organization and felt way too hard!  While on the subject of the birthday week, a big thanks to Rick, you were there with the support-I don't think I could have finished that last mile with out you!  
The SJT 50K is the first week in March, gotta get in some long runs!  Next is Leona Divide in April.  Gotta win the lottery....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Have "Weather"!!

Living in southern California means pretty good weather all year round.  Maybe some cooler weather, a little rain and snow. 
But, it seems the Chimera brought a weather pattern that is wetter than the previous year.
So...this south Orange County gal has had to learn to love to run in the rain!  and mud!!!
Running in the wet hasn't been so bad.  Once ya get going it's very nice to be cool.  But the trails...
All the nice trails are closed! 
I understand we need to let nature heal herself. 
I just can't wait to get back and listen to all the froggies!