Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 Days of Running Bliss

At least I hope it is!  Sometime last year I put in a deposit on the TransRockies Run.  A six day fully supported run through the rockies in Colorado.  Old Goats, Steve and Doug had run it in its inaugural year and last year, gave it a big thumbs up and promoted it at a Trailheadz meeting. 
There are different team divisions-men's, women's, mixed(men and women),80+mixed,80+mens and 80+womens.  The race is run in teams of 2, and both members must stay within 2 min. of each other.
So, I called up my favorite running partner and asked him if he was up for the adventure.  He got the okay from his social director-took a few weeks-and so here we are now.  Trained and ready to go. 
If you believe that last statement, then you don't know Rick and I very well!!!
We will be taking it very slow in Colorado, our goal is to just make it to the finish line on August 27 where our families will be waiting. 
In about in hour we will start out on the 15 hr drive to Buena Vista.  Last weather check predicted rain.  Arriving Thursday, we will have 3 days to acclimate to the altitude and sort out and weed out our gear.  Day 2 of the run has a 10 mile hike(run?) up Hope Pass-around 13000 altitude.  Weather could be anything-they've had a lot of rain.  Last check of predicted weather in Vail and Beaver Creek(the finish), was cool and wet.  The runners are allowed one generous duffle bag-mine will be full of shoes...

here's the link
TransRockies Run

I am taking my netbook and if I can get a signal in one of the local towns, I will update.

The tenative running schedule is(they keep the actual route a secret until checkin)
day 1 20 miles
day2  10 miles of altitude!
day3 24 miles
day4 14 miles of altitude!
day 5 24 miles
day 6 21 miles.

gotta go.  need to pack more socks. and maybe another windbreaker. or another pair of tights....