Sunday, September 6, 2009

Run Along...Now

I've been neglecting my blog. I can't believe my last post was my race recap of the SD 100! I'd started an entry about a training run/adventure for the Mt. Disappointment 50 miler, but never got around to finishing it. One of these days I'd like to post it, as a teaser let's just say it involved SAR, a couple of helicopters, a bear and 34 miles.
This pic is of my two trail running friends who shared the adventure with me, on one of the AC trails.

I completed Mt. Disappointment, my first solo ultra. Rick, my TH and best running buddy decided to let his Achilles mend and dropped from the race. His heels have been painful for quite a while and it was a good decision to give them a rest. While I miss him on the trails, I am learning the importance of letting the body recover.
A pretty view from the Mt. Dis course.
Mt. Dis was an amazing run. It started out with miles of downhill, first asphalt then dirt. It has some beautiful trails, tree covered with soft brown dirt. With the fires raging in that area, I'm sure some of the course is gone and I am grateful for being able to run it and enjoy it.
It was a tough race, the last 20 miles included 2 really "painful" hills. One seemingly endless one almost completely exposed in the heat. The last hill finishes the course, while not in the sun it is about 3 miles of steep climb and switchbacks.

I learned I could mentally and physically complete 50 miles without the TH, but I missed him.

The Bulldog 50K was 2 weeks after Mt. Dis. Quite a few runners were doing both races, so a spur of the moment decision had me signed up for the 50K.
The first 15 mile loop felt awful. I was sore and tired. It felt like it took the entire first loop to warm up. By the second loop, my legs were feeling much better-but the heat was ramping up. What started out as a cramp about .10 of a mile from the finish, just after the final downhill ended up hobbling me, I limped the final stretch and across the finish line. I'd met my goal time of under 7 hours, but 2 weeks later I'm still limping.

So, from the SD 100 to the present, I've still been running along the trails, dodging the snakes and the critters. And trying to find a balance between home, work, love and pounding out the miles.

Next up...Mt. Whitney in a day!

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Hey Lori! Nice to hear from you again. You've been busy!