Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ultra Season Begins!!

Woo Hoo!! So the fun begins!!
As with last year the SJT 50K was my first ultra of the year.  It also was my first ultra trail run ever.  To kick off the ultra season, I went back to Baz and ran his 50K in the Santa Ana mountains.  It was more fun this year than last because the pressure was off.  The fear of the unknown mileage was gone.  The fear of the DNF or DFL was gone.  In fact, because this race fell into the catagory of "training run" I was planning to take it slow, keep my self healthy enough to make it thru the Way too Cool 50K the next weekend.   We were in the running for the DFL, but we couldn't help ourselves and ran hard the last 2.5 miles to the campground and passed a few racers. 
Next up, Way too Cool in Auburn.  I'm getting pretty excited, the course sounds like it's challenging and very beautiful, I'm definitely bringing a camera along.
Read the course description last week, we will run past an area where a woman trail runner was killed by a mountain lion years ago....

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Lauren said...

Way to go Lori! Good luck on Way too Cool.