Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After Way Too Cool I felt I needed to rethink my training, or rather my lack of training.  The 50K's were turning into my long runs, which in theory is ok.  But I wasn't putting in enough miles in between. Short 5-6 milers to look at tadpoles.  3 miles to just stretch out the legs.  Then bam! 31 miles on the weekend. 
I started feeling really crappy.  Always tired, run times were getting slow and little aches and pains were cropping up.  With Leona Divide coming up, it was time to have a good "think" about what I need to do to get ready...yes, I know, I should already be ready....
So, last week I added miles. Some decent distances of at least 10 miles with hills.  I threw in a hilly 5 mile sprint just for good measure.  On Saturday I ran with the Trailheadz, got in about 24-25 easy miles in El Moro.By "easy" I mean I hiked most of the uphills.  On Monday Rick and I put in at least 15(my legs say 18-20) miles that included Big Bend. Rick runs the uphills, and I do my best to just keep him in sight.  Probably a rest day today and then 10 on Wednesday.  My legs are happy and I feel pretty strong.  The consistency in training seems to be paying off.  I guess next week will be taper week!

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