Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baz's WTRS 12K

After hearing alot of good things about the WTRS I decided to try the first race, a 12K.
Saturday morning was cold and windy up at Blue Jay campground. I'd arrived about an hour early and was greeted by a somewhat crazed Baz as he tried to organize the parking situation. Working with the Ranger he managed to get 150 runners parked, signed in and ready to run.
Thru the campground and up a singletrack we all ran. The trails were pretty rocky and I took my first fall early on. I immediately got up and kept going, afraid I would get trampled by the runners behind me! I could feel a little blood trickling down my leg, but with about 30 people behind me on a narrow singletrack trail it was not a good place to stop. On and on we ran. Up hills, down hills. Back and forth thru switchbacks. By mile 4 I found myself running alone. I caught glimpses of a pack of runners in front of me and I knew that there were at least 20 behind. The trail was well marked and I never felt like I was going the wrong way...my biggest concern!
It was a beautiful run with great weather and enthusiastic people.
I believe there are 3 more races in the series and I highly recommend giving them a try. Just meeting Baz and getting one of his great hugs was worth the trip in itself.

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Glenn Jones said...

Sounds very cool! I actually read something about Baz in the OC Register a while back and it looks very interesting.