Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Runner's Purse

A few months ago I headed out to El Moro for an evening run. It was going to be a busy night, after the run I'd drive down PCH to Dana Point and run with the Fleet Feet people, with a Bart Yasso book signing after.
I dashed out of the house with my gear and took off to El Moro. The coast was beautiful, fog was rolling in and filling the canyon.
Where are my Asics?
no problem, i'll wear my extra pair of old shoes that i keep in the car just for these emergencies.
no spare? oh, that's right, i wore them a week ago and left them out to dry in the backyard.
I looked at my watch. I didn't have time to go home, get my shoes, run and still make it to Dana Point in time. Sadly, I drove home. Swearing I'd never get caught unprepared again.
Fast forward to today.
hmmm, my purse has been feeling a little heavy. time to clean it out.
l. Garmin Forerunner 301
2. Accel Gel-strawberry kiwi
3. Accel Gel-chocolate w/ caffeine
4. 1 tube of nuun-lemon chai flavor
5. promax bar-nutty butter crisp
6.Gatorade nutrition bar-chocolate chip
7. 21 safety pins
8. 6 non-pulling hair bands
9. a full size tube of sunscreen
10. a tube of zipfizz

no shoes...
but then there is still the gear bag in the trunk of my car...

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