Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Ready to Meet Leona

I did my first training run Monday, getting ready for the Leona Divide. We ran 15+ miles in El Moro...groan....
Within the first 15 min of the run I slipped on a downhill, caught my foot in a rut and twisted my knee. After a few choice words and two or three tentative steps, we continued on. El Moro always does me in. All the hills, both up and down and the lack of shade. After over 4 hours on the trail we finally climbed out.
This was a test run for my new insoles and hydration pack. Insoles did their job, kept at least the balls of my feet from blistering. But the hydration pack is going to take a few more runs before I'm absolutely sure it's going with me to Leona Divide.
After the run I tried some Recoverite and today I feel really good!
I taped my knee with some Kinesio Tex Tape after it ballooned up at home and it's also much better. The tape is a miracle cure-all. On the SJT 50, it held the same knee together for 30 miles. Way better than a knee brace.
I'm also reading a great book on nutrition for runners, to help me fuel smarter for this long race. I stuck with Hammer products for the 50K and I think it worked for the most part, but for the longer races I have to figure out what's going to sit well in my stomach and keep me full without "problems". Still have a few weeks to investigate.


trail booger said...

twern't easy but ya got'er done

trail booger
(cuz mah nose runs faster than ah do)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori, hope your taper and race preparations are going well.