Tuesday, April 14, 2009

50 Miles of Training

Just a few days left before my first 50 mile race. Compared to the 50K, i've been sleeping remarkably well. Probably due to EXHAUSTION !!! 2 weeks ago I put in a 50 mile week, the miles spread over 5 days. The next week 51-ish, 17,16,12,6 with the majority of the miles in 3 days. Life took priority over the long runs, so longish runs spread over the week made up for it.
Rick and I finally got in a 20 mile run on Monday. It was a beautiful spring day. Temps in the low 70's and high whispy clouds. We started up the motorway off the Maple Springs trail, I wanted to do the hard part early, when it was cool, at 8. Fast paced hiking up, stopping to take a picture of a "bunny" on the trail, then a little bit of running to the "DeathStar". After a quick blister/sock check we continued on, pretty much down hill. Other than sore feet, I felt okay.
Part of my 50 miles last week included a 16 miler down by the beach. 8 miles of head wind on pavement without stopping. Then turn around and 8 miles back without stopping. It was a hard workout because of the continual running. No stopping at the top of a hill. No walking. Mentally and physically it was 16 miles of continuous "one foot in front of the other" and no real breaks. The next day, we met at El Moro to run 17 and I found out how hard the run the previous day had been when I could only get to 12 miles before quitting. I felt bad because I was denying Rick the miles he needed to get in, but I just could not go another 5. The remaining miles would wait until Sat.
So, the Leona Divide awaits us. As Rick wrote, it will be fun and we won't watch the clock. And he is absolutely right! From a TW to her TH, an adventure in the waiting...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of miles! Good luck on race day.