Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Still Running Along

I haven't posted since September! Time flies much too quickly. This year has flown by at a supersonic pace.
Let's see, much has happened since we summited Mt. Whitney. I had to take a few weeks off from running to let my ankle heal. That was very hard. And it was even harder to start running again. Javelina Jundred, my second attempt to run 100 miles, was Oct. 31, so my goal was to get my ankle healthy enough to run that race. By the end of September I could hobble thru a 5 mile run. 2 weeks before JJ we shuffled through a 19 mile flat road run...that would be our long run. Rick's heels were bothering him and my ankle was still weak, but getting stronger. The JJ course is sandy and mostly flat, so our hope was to make the most of this "easy" trail run.
It was a 100 mile Halloween party! Runners in costume and families with their kids filled the start area and campground.
Now the JJ course feels very flat. Especially the first loop when your legs are fresh. But it is actually about 6-7 miles of slight uphill, and then back to the start with a slight downhill. So pace is critical. Most runners burn out starting at an all out run and having nothing left by the 5th loop. We completed the first loop in 3.5 hours. Very easy, a good mellow pace. 2nd loop was a little slower, but the temps were going up too, about 3.75 hours. Loop 3 was hot. Staying hydrated was our big concern. Alot of people were not looking good. We finished in 4.25 hours. Now, loop 4 was started at dusk. Hot, tired and undertrained we fell way off pace. We both had ugly painful blisters. People looked like the walking dead...these were the ones without costumes! We both were considering dropping at the 100K mark-the end of the 4th loop, but hadn't yet spoke our minds. At the last aid station before the start/finish line we sat, drinking hot coffee and taking IB. I was exhausted and my feet were killing me. After about 30 min. we gathered whatever strength we had left and headed out to finish. Kris B. runs past us, looking absolutely marvelous! She say's she's gotten her second wind and flies by! Her bewildered pacer trailing behind... The coffee and IB kick in, suddenly both Rick and I feel pretty good and we chase after Kris. It was a good last couple of miles. We arrive at the campground somewhere around 4.75 hours. Nearly 5 hours to complete the 4th loop. We would have to complete the next 36 miles in less than 12 hours. Our feet were toast. So we accepted the 100k belt buckle and offically dropped.
Considering we didn't train for this, I think we did pretty well.
Rick and I had an extra day to enjoy Scottsdale before heading back to the OC.

Quad Dipsea-This race is run the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 2 up and backs along the Dipsea trail in northern CA. Beautiful views, a hill named "Cardiac" and 600+ stair steps make this a memorable run for all those who attempt it. Rick's run this about 10 times, when he asked me if I'd like to run with him this year I was thrilled that he felt that I could finish this tough race. I am not much of a hill runner...
There is a "generous" 8 hour cutoff for this 28 mile race, and we used pretty much the whole time to finish. But, we took alot of pictures...too many great views to let slip away, and chatted with some great people, Catra Corbett, Ann Trason and her husband Carl, and Errol the rocket Jones. Life is too short, gotta stop to smell the ocean air and meet some wonderful runners along the way. After crossing the finish line, we had grilled sausage and some bean soup (beer was long gone) and headed home.

Next up...Chimera 100K Dec. 12.


Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...

Hiya Lori! Nice to see your back at it. Are you thinking of Whitney again this summer? Let me know.

II've started training for the L.A. Marathon. Maybe I'llseeyou out ad about one of these days.

Say Hi to Matt for me.