Friday, December 18, 2009

What's Up?

Oh, by the way...did I mention my name was picked for WS100 2010?
But, sadly, I will not be running this wonderful race.  I did not qualify.  My 2 attempts at 100 milers were failed ones.  My 2 50 miler times were both greater than 11 hours.  I'd thrown in my name into the WS lottery pot before JJ100.  After not finishing, I'd gotten an email from the lottery folks asking if I'd like to enter my qualifying run at this time.  I had to let them know that I did not qualify and to take my name out of the pool.  So, on the morning of the lottery, I'm at work, and I can hear my blackberry making all kinds of noise.  It's busy so I ignore it all until I get home.  Imagine my surprise to see several texts and emails congratulating me on getting into Western States!  I knew there was a mistake, but first time entered, I'm the second name picked...I didn't know whether to laugh or cry !!!! Soon after, I got an email from the lottery guy confirming there was an error.  Boo....Maybe next year?
Which brings me to this post...What's up for next year?
This is my list...and it is all subject to change.
1.  Transrockies-we are officially signed up.
2. Miwok-no i didn't get picked, but I will help Rick out if he wants it.
3. Coyote 2 moons-looks like fun?
4.Way too Cool
5. SD 100-unfinished business
6. LD50-my first 50 this year, will try to run it for time next year
7. PCT 50
8. Death Ride-a bike ride!
9. Quad Dipsea-gotta practice running stairs for next year
10  ?? open to suggestions! any idea's??

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