Friday, October 3, 2008

Long Beach Half Marathon

2007 I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon. It was my first race over 10K, and I'd only been running 10 months. I bugged the heck out of every runner I knew, questions about mileage, shoes, gels, and injuries! Then it got hot, in the 80's at 8 am, still in the 80's at 6pm. How do you run in that kind of heat! What if the marathon was HOT!!!
Race day arrived and I did everything wrong...we(my honey and best buddy, Matt) got lost due to my bad directions, but he managed to get me to the starting line 5 min before the gun. I didn't stretch and I tied my left shoe too tight!
I found my pace group and the race started. The pace leader was great, it's amazing how they keep on time! It was a good run, I stayed with my group until the last 2 miles, I had to slow because that left shoe did me in...never occurred to me to loosen it. Finish time was 2:13. Woo Hoo I did it!
Well the 2008 Long Beach Half is a little more than a week away. I finally ran 9 miles today. Think I'm in trouble? Well, I still have a week, maybe if I run every day...

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