Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would You Like Some Cheese with your Whine?

Being an "older" runner, I've been lucky to have been pretty much injury free for so long. I've had a few bumps and bruises but nothing that has really kept me from running for more than a few days. I had a frozen shoulder which kept me from being able to raise my left arm for 8 months. But I could still run! Until now.
I fell on the hike down from Whitney, didn't do much but scrape my shin and bruise my knee. So I thought. Days after the fall, my left leg was black and blue and swollen from ankle to knee. The knee, a little puffy was giving me more trouble than I was expecting. I think I was favoring that knee every time I ran after the fall. Which led to my hamstring woes just before the Long Beach Half Marathon. Which I think then led to my left foot finally pulling the plug on the whole running thing. The Wednesday before Big Sur my foot was pretty sore,it had been sore for weeks, the doc said no fracture, probably just a strain. I could run on sunday, but it would delay the healing. Any running wouldn't hurt it further, just delay healing. I got a strong prescription anti-inflammatory which also upset my stomach. So I ran, got thru 10 miles with pain, then my right quad, angry because it was doing more than it's usual share of the work started to cramp up. I think I finished the race running because I couldn't face the thought of walking the rest of the way with all that pain!
I spent yesterday with my foot in ice. Looking up new races. Trails to run. Eating cinnamon rolls. Complete denial.
I thought I would roll out of bed today with my foot completely pain free, like it was a bad dream. No running today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

Let's see...knee, foot, hamstring, quad, etc. It must take a lot to get your attention!

Eat lots of cinnamon rolls and take it easy. Sometimes resting is more healthy than running.