Monday, December 1, 2008

The Next Step

Long Beach and Big Sur are both checked off.
By the way, I gimped thru Big Sur with a chip time of 2:09, amazing for me because my foot hurt so badly by the 8th mile I considered walking/quitting. It's a beautiful course, and I'll try to run it next year, healthy.
So, what's next?
There are some of possibles...Calico Ghost town 30 or 50K, another marathon, Twin Peaks etc. As I list my "possibles" and think about the amount of running I completed last week. I am leaning toward a trail race with longer miles...a "just to see if I can do it" type of challenge.


Anonymous said...

If you'd like to try Twin Peaks, let me know. The race is sold out, but I won't be running it, and I'm sure Jessica would do a swap.

Glenn Jones said...

Lori - did I train with you and Matt with Cal Coast last spring to run the SD RnR Marathon? If so hi! Glenn Jones