Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baz's WTRS 18K

About 100 hearty runners showed up this morning to run Baz's 18K trail race. At 4:41 am the sound of pouring rain woke me up...and I thought "no way I'm running today". But, there I was with the rest of the trail addicted, at 0730 standing in line to check in.
There was light drizzle throughout most of the run, nothing like running the Dana Point Turkey, weatherwise the temp. was good, but the trail was really wet. After trying to mince my way around all the puddles and mud holes for about 4 miles and losing alot of time I just gave in and slogged right through the middle of them. This was better until I hit a puddle the size of a small pond and sunk shin deep into squishy mud and nearly lost a shoe! About another mile along and I misstep and faceplant in the mud. I get up, wipe off my hands and take a few steps and fall back into the mud. My shoes weigh about 10lbs and now I'm looking for puddles to rinse off my feet!
My friend and co-worker Rick ran this race also, he was so fast I lost him after the first mile. He doesn't just run up the hills, he 'floats" effortlessly. I round a corner and look up this crazy hill and he's standing there as the unofficial trail photographer, snapping pictures. I ask him "how long have you been standing there?" "not long" is his answer, but looking at his watch the time difference is 20 minutes! He probably could have placed in his age group if he didn't wait up for me. Thanks!

So, despite the mud it was alot of fun. And at the finish line there were alot of people who looked like they had a good time too. Getting dirty, running in the rain it all makes for Magic...


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are becoming quite an accomplished trail runner!

Hope you don't mind, but I put a link to your race report on the OCTR site.

Glenn Jones said...

We need pictures!

Lori said...

Pictures coming, i left my camera with Rick to hold while trying to change out of sopping clothes. No problem Tom! Thanks!