Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Ultra" Training

During my long run on Tuesday my mind drifted in and out of various subjects. 14 miles at what averaged out to be 11min/miles pace allows you alot of time to think. The most telling of my rambling thoughts was of knitting. Before I started running, I used to knit.
I had stashes of yarn hidden away in closets, boxes in the garage and under the bed. I collected patterns and knitting needles. Every ball of yarn became a beautiful handknit sweater in my mind.
Not knowing how to knit was a little problem, but I checked out books from the library and downloaded instructions on the internet. Soon I could knit scarves and beanies. The next step...socks and sweaters...actual clothing!
Here is where knitting socks and training for an ultra become one.
In 2 years of knitting, I never finished a sweater or a pair of socks. I think I had at least 7 projects going, and DNF every one.
Will I finish a 50K? Will I train hard enough? Do I have the mental fortitude to push on?
Or will the SJT 50K be like the first pair of unfinished socks in my running career?
I should be at 18 miles this week, yet I'm only at 14 for my LSD run. 17 total for the week so far.
Will I dream of knitting or running tonight?

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