Saturday, February 14, 2009

Training for the OC

I finally made it back to train with the OC Marathon group. After missing at least 3 or 4 weeks of the Saturday long runs due to the trail races I was curious to see what pace I could maintain for the 9 miles planned for today.
I'd been running 10 miles-from work to the HB pier and back-on a pretty regular basis. But my times have been horrible, and I felt that it was a struggle just to finish.
After a busy night at work I jumped into the car and tried to get to the group before they left. They took off as I was still getting my gear in order and I was about 3 minutes behind. It was a push as I tried to catch them. The run felt good. The air was clean and the temp. was perfect.
I never caught up with them, somewhere along Jamboree they took the high road and I went low and never saw them again. Using the Garmin to track the miles I turned around at 4.66 and headed back. My pace out was between 8-9 min/mi but I was feeling it on the way back, and my pace fell to 10. So I took it easy back, enjoyed the scenery and thought about next weeks WTRS 21K race. Final numbers: 1:30, 9.38 miles, 9.41min/mi pace. Thanks for the cupcake Nicole!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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