Monday, December 22, 2008

Calico Ghost Town 30K/OC Marathon

How could I forget?
I officially threw my hat into the ring.

I've been "training", getting some running in on a fairly regular basis. One long run a week, however with the holidays approaching it is a challenge. 2 weeks ago my long run was 14 miles along the Aliso trail. But last week with the rain, the best I could do was 10 brain numbing miles on a treadmill and a sprinkling of 5-6 mile trots.
The OC Marathon training group meets Saturdays and we are up to 5 or 6 miles, which I try use as speed work if I don't have a race scheduled. My long runs are mon. or tues. depending on work.
Raining today, so probably no long run. Maybe tomorrow...if I don't take a snowboarding lesson...


Glenn Jones said...

Hi Lori! That Calico thing sounds kind of fun. I used to go camping there a lot when I was a kid.

Who are you using to train for the OC Marathon? How is it going?

See you soon!

Lori said...

Hi Glenn,
I'm training with the OC marathon training group OCbeachrunners. They have their info on the marathon web site. So far it's going well, because i am training for the 19 miler on the 18th i use the marathon runs as just weekly mileage and my long hill runs are during the week.