Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing Footsie

Last week the foot doc ordered an MRI. The x-rays were all negative, but I was still in some pain and still had swelling after running. All the symptoms were pointing to a strained ligament and the MRI would just confirm her diagnosis and rule out completely a fracture.
Well, gosh darn it. I have 2 broken bones. She put me in a boot and wanted me off my foot for 1 month.
I pouted for a day. Ate peppermint ice cream and coconut cake.
The next day I took off the boot and went for a 5 mile run.
The entire time we had been tossing the diagnosis back and forth, before the MRI, I had continued to run. The day before the MRI I put in 14 miles to get ready for the Calico Run. The fracture must have occurred at least 2 months ago. So with the healing and lack of pain for the past 4 weeks I will continue to run, cut back on the miles, but still trot along. I'll wear the boot to work, standing for long periods does irritate it. Next appointment is 3 weeks.
I'm gonna try cycling too...

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