Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Must Be Crazy

Navigation has never been my strong point. Those who know me well can attest to that. When I think we should turn right, it is almost a sure thing that the correct way would be left.
After waiting for the trails to dry out after the last rain, I was itching to hit the hills at El Moro. I looked over the trail maps, even put one in my water belt pocket just in case. I've run through the park several times, starting from the ranger station and ridgepark. The plan was 10 miles. From the ranger station up moro ridge road over and back down no name to no dogs. I carried one water bottle and 2 gels. The run up moro ridge road was good, I made steady progress and soon I was on Bommer.
My only concern was if there was a gate on bommer to a trail that connected with deer canyon. I would run for a while and if I didn't come across the gate I would go back to el moro canyon and take that trail back to the parking lot. After passing the gate to el moro canyon trail and running for about a mile there was a sign pointing to a another trailhead "bommer spur". I took the bommer trail but it didn't look familiar, so went back and took the spur. That didn't look right either so found bommer again and started running in what I thought was the direction toward ridgepark. I passed the trail heads for emerald bay, boat canyon, and ended up at laguna bowl.
I was at 10 miles on my GPS and no where near El Moro! After turning around I finally made it back to moro ridge road and the parking lot. total miles 15 plus change. I took my last sip of water at the bottom of BFI.
I even get lost on ski runs.
Maybe I should rethink trail running....

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