Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Room for Santa 10K

Hi Glenn!
It was really fun seeing you again! My blogging is somewhat hit and miss, and I didn't see your comment until today.
It was the perfect morning for a run, cool and dry.
Last year I ran the 5K and loved the course. This year I decided to try the 10K.
5 or 6 months ago I registered for the race, before the foot pain started. So, now it is time for the race and even though I have been running on a regular basis, I am a little concerned about my foot and running on pavement. I did the Dana Point Turkey Trot and ran both 10+5K in the rain with a little pain. But I ran it so slowly, hardly more than a jog that there was probably minimal damage.
My plan for this run...jog again, keep the pace around 10 min. Before the start, Matt and I were killing time and we ran into Glenn, a fellow San Diego RNR marathoner. We chatted briefly, then got ready for the gun. The first mile was easy, there were so many people I couldn't have gone above that pace unless I really pushed my way thru the crowd. Almost 10 min exactly at mile one. Then the 5K and 10K course split and I found myself with open space. Should I speed up? A little. Foot felt good. Picked up the pace and finished mile 2 at 9.5 min. That was it, no holds barred I went for it. It is a great flat run with a downhill finish. At mile 5 I caught up with Glenn
and continued on. In the finishing chute Glenn came from behind and passed me!!! WHAT!!!
I looked up and we had 30 yards left, so, I leaned and reached for whatever was left...I slowly caught him and when I crossed the finish line he was behind me somewhere! We laughed afterward about our PR's! It was fun to run a "real" race! Thanks Glenn, hope we can run again!

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